Known as BROmotions, this board's goal is to connect new and existing members to AkbayanSJSU whether it be through direct interaction or through our social media. We're here to keep you involved, informed, and entertained.

Public Relations Officers focus on maintaining a direct line of contact between them and the general members so they know what's going on with the organization at all times.

Media Officers focus on producing visual content for our general members to keep them informed on important dates and events as well as providing entertainment throughout the year with videos.


Public Relations

Hey everyone! My name is Danielle Camegla , I am 1/2 Public Relations Officers for the 2018-2019 academic school year for Akbayan! I am a second year who is currently undeclared wanting to major in Public Health. I am a Lotus Intern, a part of LoL Fam, and a RA for housing on the 3rd Floor of Joe West. Something I love to do? I love making new friends and I especially love socializing and going on spontaneous adventures! Akbayan has given me this opportunity to embrace in who I truly am as a Pilipinx. Through stories shared, the KAAMP program, Internship, general workshops, etc. I realized I am not the only one who goes through these similar struggles that I thought I only went through. Something I want to do this year is build interpersonal relationships within our community and emphasize that you are never alone in this world. You are loved and YOU matter.  If you ever need anyone to talk to or even need a shoulder to cry on, I will always be open for you to talk to. Akbayan is where I found my second home and I couldn’t be more grateful for this organization. If you see me around campus, PLEASEEE do not hesitate to stop me and say what’s up. I am so excited to see you all throughout the year. Remember to never be afraid to show your true colors. Stay true to yourself and scatter light of positivity amongst the world. Best of luck to you & this academic school year. <3


Public Relations

Hi, my name is Sidhartha and I’m from the 510 (Oakland), I have food allergies, and am an Android user.  This is my 3rd year at SJSU, I am a Public Health Major, I’m in Gangsta Fam, and was a Lotus Intern. Also, I’m @kidth3sid on everything (ig & twitter). With that basic info out of the way just wanted to let you all know I am thankful for this opportunity to be one-half of your Public Relations Officers; I’ve gained so much from this great organization, so don’t be afraid to ask me anything.  I’d love to help out to make sure you get to have the same great opportunities and experiences with this organization.



Hey y’all! My name is Abigail Adiz, but I am most known as my nickname, Abby. I am one of this year’s 2018-2019 Media Officers! 

I am a 2nd year, undeclared major. I was born and raised in Vallejo, CA aka the 707. I joined Akbayan in Fall 2017, picked up into Famsilog, shoutout to my awesome Kuya and Sib!! Catch us at either Pekoe or Q-Pot. Also, a Lotus Intern for the 2017-2018 year.

My experience with media started in 2013. It was our first family camping trip and my sister and I were pretending to be "youtube vloggers." After looking over the footage, I put together my first video. All thanks to my sister, my old iPhone 6 and iMovie I found my passion.

I also stand proud at 5ft tall. So, with a height so great I don't think I look that intimidating. If you can see me, come talk or follow me on my socials! @abigailadiz

Overall, being in Akbayan gave me the opportunity to make great connections and in return, became my home away from home. I hope it does the same for you! See you around (:




Hey friends. What’s up! My name is Aaron-Josh Vietvu, or just “AJ” for short, and I am one of this year’s Media Officers.  Ever since I was a kid, art has always been one of my passions.  Now, I’m doing my best to put that passion into use through my major, digital media art.  My other two favorite things in the world are basketball and fashion. I’ve been playing basketball for about 16 years now, but sadly, I’ve stopped playing as frequently because I’ve gotten so much busier. It’s cool though, I still find time here and there. Fashion is also another thing that I love.  I kind of see it as another form of art - like art that you wear.  However, most people know that “being fashionable” is expensive, but first of all, I think anything can be fashionable if you’re ~really~ wearing the clothes - and they’re not wearing you. You feel me? Second, I love thrifting.  Thrifting is basically when you buy secondhand clothes.  This is super cheap and fun. You’ll never know what you’ll find. I’ve found $300 pants for $10 and a Gucci bag for $9. But anyways, if you ever see me around, just say hi!



Hey everyone! My name is Jion Penalosa and I am one of Akbayan’s Media Officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

I am currently a second-year Computer Engineering major here at SJSU and I’m from Union City, CA. I joined Akbayan in Fall 2017, became an ading in Luzonia fam, and was a Lotus Intern for the 2017-2018 school year. Joining Akbayan gave me many friends, connections, and memories so I hope it does the same for you. I am excited to be your Media Officer this year and I hope to make your memes come true.

Aside from Akbayan, I love going out to get food and socializing. I work at the Bowling Center at the Student Union so maybe we can play a game sometime. I love grayscale colors and I am the best Gemini you will ever meet. If you have any questions for me, you can DM me on twitter @itsjion. Feel free to talk to me whenever you see me around!