As one of the four original families that made up Akbayan’s KAAMP lineup, we enjoy keeping things old school and referring back to our roots. Sexy Fam was established in 2003, however, we’ve had a new burst of growth in our family over the past few years, and we are trying to incorporate new traditions while paying homage the ones that were passed down to us.

We’ve had Sexy Fam members on KAAMP core, Academics core, SPUF core, PCN and more. Despite how busy our fam members are at times, we encourage each other to be active within Akbayan and the campus community. We may be tiny but mighty!

One of our main focuses this semester is to increase family cohesion. We plan on reintroducing one on one’s between new Sexy Fam members and returners, incorporating more Sexy Fam study nights, and more social outings. Even though we’re called Sexy Fam, you’ll still catch us in sweatpants, hair-tied, chillin with no makeup on! Let’s get to know each other