Welcome to the Tribe! Hey there, we’re Tribe, established in Spring 2017 and here to stay. We’re a medium sized Fam but full of giant hearts and hope that no matter how much we may grow, we remain close-knit. And every year we grow and grow with new adings and a stronger bond. 

We’re individuals that stay true to ourselves and despite being all different, we remain connected and coherent as a Fam. We’re like those friends you haven’t seen in years but through it all, it’s like nothing’s changed—still close as ever. We pride ourselves on taking care of one another, regardless of who’s a KuyAte/Ading because we can all learn from one another and grow together. Like a plant with its roots keeping it strong and its leaves reaching for the sky, each person is a valued member of our Tribe. If you haven’t already noticed, our color is orange which that represents joy, creativity, enthusiasm, encouragement, and warmth that we bring to everyone. 

Our motto goes “True to Self, True to Tribe.” With us, anyone can be fully themselves—wacky, weird, wild—as long as you’re being true to yourself, the Tribe accepts you with open arms. 

We have a few different traditions that have stemmed from our creation, like Tribesgiving and Tribemas. We try our best to hang out even if it’s just lines or pairings but hey, we’re all pretty independent people. But when it comes down to it, we make time for each other. We’re there for one another whenever we need it and each member can find inspiration and guidance from any other member in the Fam. We view each other as equals and hope that any Ading joining our Fam finds comfort in any direction they may turn.