Akbayan SJSU was founded on three pillars: Social, Community and Political Affairs, and Cultural with the addition of Academics in 2015. With the fours pillars, the organization strives to give our members an opportunity to learn about the Pilipinx culture, develop a sense of community, achieve academic excellence, and embrace in friendship.



What’s good, everyone?! My name is John Raphael Yumul and I am the Academic Chair for the 43rd Cabinet! I’m a third year, Biochemistry Major. I am from the city by the bay, San Francisco, CA!

I was a Synergy Intern and am a proud member of Fancy Fam. I was previously a member of the Akdemics Core and a Fancy Fam Rep. 

Fun facts: I love In N Out. If I could have any job in the world, I would love to be a foodie (for the free food). My favorite food would have to be sushi! Honestly, I just love to eat.

Anyways, I’m so happy to be your Academic Chair this year! I’m very excited to meet you all. Feel free to say hi to me at the table or whenever you see me! Talk to you soon!


community & Political Affairs

Hello my name is Danielle Louise Mastrili I’m a third year kinesiology major. I was picked up fall 2017 under Luzonia which then branched off to be Tadhana. I was a lotus intern and a part of COPOPUFFS Core. A fun fact about me is I’m missing the palmaris longus muscle in both my forearms. 

A part of my goal as Community and Political Affairs Chair is to make the discussion about politics more accessible and more comfortable to talk about. My goal is not to persuade anyone to have any particular view but to give our general members the information they need in order to from their own opinions. 

I look forward to this whole year as your Community and Political Affairs Chair! If y’all have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at community@akbayansjsu.org




Hello hello how’s it going y’all, my name is Carmela Noelle Mamaril and I am Akbayan SJSU’s Cultural Chair for the 2019 - 2020 school year. I am a second year majoring in International Business with a double minor in Event Management and Chinese, a Synergy Intern and a proud member of Aloha! 

Just a little bit about me:

I am a Sagittarius, I was born in San Francisco and my pronouns are she/her/hers. My favorite colors are green and black, my favorite fruit are kiwis and my favorite season is winter. Music wise, my favorite artists are AB6IX, The 1975, Jaden Smith, and Keshi, but I would listen to anything that fits my mood in that moment. Lastly, I love love love Sailor Moon, so you know I got that moon prism power.

As Cultural Chair for the 43rd Cabinet, I want to be able to highlight the importance and the value of your identity. Within Akbayan as a whole, we are of many identities. Not only do I want to be able to share and teach others what I know and learn of the Pilipino culture, but I also want to inspire everyone to take pride in their identity, whether they are Pilipino or not and share the image they would like to present to the world. Your identity is something that paints who you are to others, it is important to be able to be comfortable with yourself and who you want to be. 

Ever since I got picked up in Fall 2018, my time in Akbayan has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people, make great friends, and hone my leadership skills. Growing up, I was ignorant and didn’t know much about being Pilipinx. But with my time as a Synergy Intern and being active within the organization, I’ve gotten to learn more about my culture and am ready to share that knowledge with you all. Come out to our workshops and events! I hope to see y’all there :)

Check me out on my socials ♡ 

IG: carmela.noelle

Twitter: awayintheshadow




Hello everyone!

My name is Joseph “JoCo” Codamos, I’m a fourth year Art Studio (Prep for Teaching) Major. I’m from the Central Valley #805. I joined AkbayanSJSU Fall of 2016 and was picked up by an amazing Kuya, Dylan Songkham, who was a PR officer for Level 40. I am part of (what’s that smell) famSILOG. I was also a Spring Limitless Intern and had the pleasure to be part of, COREterbacks, CoPo Power Rangers, and aCACAdemics. And last year I was blessed with the opportunity to be SPUF Master for JoCORE and this year I am proud to be your Social Chair for Channel 43. I am heavily active in Akbayan but nevertheless humbled to be apart of a community that supports each and every one of us.