Akbayan SJSU was founded on three pillars: Social, Community and Political Affairs, and Cultural with the addition of Academics in 2015. With the fours pillars, the organization strives to give our members an opportunity to learn about the Pilipinx culture, develop a sense of community, achieve academic excellence, and embrace in friendship.



Hello Akbayan. My name is Noah Suarez from the 510 and I am Akbayan’s Academic Chair for the 2018-2019 year. I am a Lotus Intern, an ading in Fancy Fam, and a studious athletic phenomenon.

Just a little bit about me is that I am very friendly and easy to talk too. I love food and will essentially eat anything delicious. Like if you down to get food, then I would be down to get food with you. I also like to nap and can sleep for days on end, I sometimes believe my spirit animal is a koala with how much I sleep [google how much Koala’s sleep and you will see what I mean]. I like to study a lot but not all the time and in my first year in college, I became a presidential scholar.

My major is in Public Health and it is a major I love and care for with a burning passion. As your Academic Chair, I promote and instill academic excellence throughout the entire organization. With my position, I am responsible for being a resource to all regarding your overall health and well being and all that relates to being a college student. I want students to recognize that they are first humans before being students because before one can’t excel in school if they do not take care of oneself.

Through Akbayan, I want to help support students in their path through college academically and create an experience for them to find what they want to do. College is a journey and not everyone's journey is the same, it is a roller coaster that has tight twists and turns but will be one of the greatest rides of your life because it is up to you to build the tracks.  Through Akbayan, I hope you learn about your culture, make long-lasting friendship, develop a community, and realize your full potential as a student. Take care and catch you around!


community & Political Affairs

Hey hi hello everyone! My name is Maelin Aquino and I'm so excited to be part of the 42nd cabinet as your Community and Political Affairs Chair! I'm a second year at San Jose, majoring in CHAD and minoring in Psychology. I'm not sure what I want to do just yet but that's what college is for! I want to work in healing and preventing childhood trauma and mental health disorders - I just have to figure out how to do that. I'm in Gangtsa Fam as part of Dancer Line and then as part of Kuyarl's and finally as part of Pick Up Line (which is just my kuya, twin, and future adings). Fun fact: my kuya is on this cabinet with me...it's Sidhartha one of our PRs!

I'm originally from San Diego and I love to go home and visit. I love spending my time in the ocean, with my family, dancing, and traveling. I also want to travel the world one day, my top three places right now are Paris, Mykonos, and Rome. I love history, art, and food so all three of those places are perfect.

I'm so excited to work for you and alongside all of you. I hope to grow as a person and as a leader by serving such an amazing community. Please don't hesitate to say hi and get to know me! I'm here as an ate and a friend to you all!




Hi everyone! My name is Shanel Adolfo, and I’m Akbayan SJSU’s Cultural Chair for the 42nd Cabinet. I am currently a 3rd year majoring in Psychology. When I am not participating in Akbayan events, I love to sing (because it is one of the few things that I am okay at), binge-watch television shows, shop, go to concerts, travel, and spend time with my friends and family. Although I may come off as shy, I love meeting new people. I am so excited to be on Cabinet for Akbayan, but I am also excited to learn more about my culture and grow as an individual.



What’s good y’all! My name is Mario Franklin Hidalgo Jr. and I am your 2018 - 2019 Social Chair. I am currently a 4th year Kinesiology Major with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Science. I was born and raised in the 415/650 area; shoutout to SF and Daly City! I am a Fall 2015 ading, Supreme Intern, Kuya to six amazing adings, member of Smash Fam, and former CoPo and SPUF Core member. I am a dude of many hobbies such as gaming, watching entertainment wrestling, DJing, and reading the terms and conditions before accepting. Joining Akbayan has made me so proud to be a Pilipinx-American and I rep my culture any chance I get. This organization has introduced me to so many amazing individuals and opportunities that I wish to be the same catalyst of growth to anyone even after I leave SJSU. #LetsGetIT