The Social Chair shall have charge of the organization’s activities on and off campus (e.g: picnics, dances, etc). Social Chair is also in charge of leading Friendship Games preparation and activities. As the sports coordinator, they shall have the duty of coordinating sport teams/events on campus or any team that wishes to represent the organization in a competition/tournament. They shall provide activities and workshops that will further accomplish such tasks.

Friendship Games

Friendship Games is hosted every year by Cal State University Fullerton in October, and is a day event full of fun, games, and friendly competition.  It is a day about Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship between Filipino-American Organizations throughout California, and surrounding states (you don’t need to be Filipino to go though!). Out of all the events that Akbayan hosts, Friendship Games is one of the most memorable.  Through the preparation of Friendship Games and the actual weekend of, you meet hundreds of people and develop lasting friendships.  At times, friendships are even rekindled.