The Programs Board comprises of the Internship Program, the Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program (KAAMP), and Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN).

The Internship Program educates general members through weekly meetings, activities, workshops, and hands-on opportunities to learn effective skills, ideals, and principles related to culture, community, and self in order to cultivate their leadership potential.

The Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program (KAAMP) connects general members together through Fams who provide positive guidance, a family environment, and mentorship in order to create long lasting friendships.

Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) is AkbayanSJSU's annual Spring production that inspires general members to dig deep into themselves and encourage creativity through the arts, foster leadership in the cast, and empower change within the community.



Internship Coordinator

Hey y’all! I’m Kat! My full name is Kathrine Victoria Garcia. I’m from Union City, aka the 510. I’m a 4th year ChAD major, minoring in recreation. A libra in Legendary fam (shout out to my Ate, Dom Guevara). I was a part of KAAMPamilya Core, COREsage for the 30th PCN, a part Core Package for SPUF Core’s Jocore (fun fact, I was in the final rampage during this season), Winter Formal Committee ‘18, and COREiculum for the 31st PCN as a Cultural director. I’m a Limitless Intern ‘16-17, I was the Community and Political Affairs (CoPo) Chair for VIBE 41 ‘17-18(shoutout to my CoPo Power Rangers), and I am currently this years Internship Coordinator for Channel 43.

 I have a huge love for dogs, boba, anime, old school r&b, drawing, and dance. My favorite color is teal. I enjoy eating and going on spontaneous adventures. I used to wear a knee brace a lot. I was an Emmaus leader for St. Anne’s Peer Ministry.

My experience through Akbayan has taught me to appreciate the struggles that my ancestors have gone through, I have learned to be more empowered, and has definitely made me into the person I am today. Because of Akbayan met such amazing people that have helped me gain such amazing opportunities. I am currently an intern for Empire in the Air and the events coordinator for Full Out Dance Studios. This will be my 2nd year as an ambassador intern for Undiscovered SF.

If you’d like to talk to me about anything, don’t be afraid to come talk to me! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, in relation to Akbayan or Internship, please contact me

I hope to meet you soon!(:

Check out the websites:

Undiscovered SF

Empire in the Air

Full Out Dance Studios


KAAMP Coordinator

HELLO ALL! My name is Lorenzo Galfo! Some people call me Lolo, others call me Tito, and more people call me KAAMPDad. I was born in Manila but I moved to the U.S. at a very early age. I am a 3rd year Business major! Some fun facts about me are that I love playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Who's my main? Come find out ;). I am also a big music geek. My first two years of college I marched in the drumline for the marching band! I am also in LUZONIA FAM! Lastly, I am also a member of Brockhampton. Okay not really... let's just say I'm just a small fan of them. Other than that, I'm excited to meet you all!


pcn coordinator

Hello! My name is Eleaine Reyes and I am a 4th year Communication Studies Major with a minor in Sociology. I’m in XY Fam, I was a Limitless intern, and I’ve been on multiple cores such as CoPo Power Rangers, COREsage, JoCORE, and COREriculum.