Known as zzzMotions, this board's goal is to connect new and existing members to AkbayanSJSU whether it be through direct interaction or through our social media. We're here to keep you involved, informed, and entertained.

Public Relations Officers focus on maintaining a direct line of contact between them and the general members so they know what's going on with the organization at all times.

Media Officers focus on producing visual content for our general members to keep them informed on important dates and events as well as providing entertainment throughout the year with videos.


Public Relations

Hello to my guys, gals, and non-binary pals! My name is Andrea Nguyen and I am a third year aerospace engineering student. I'm a libra, a proud synergy intern, and a cofounder of Tadhana Ohana! Most likely to: give you a movie review that you didn't ask for, know the lyrics to songs from the 2000's, cry over kdramas. Least likely to: kill a spider, be the quietest in the room, let you down. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Public Relations

Hello Everyone! My name is Christian John (CJ) Aurelio and I am half of your Public Relation Officers! I am 3rd year Public Health Major with a Concentration of Administration with a Minor in Asian American Studies! Along with that, I was a Lotus Intern during Vibe 41, I am a Residential Advisor since last year, was part of SPUF core since a year and now SPUF master for this year's Social Core! Another fact is that I am a Taurus who loves to grub on Chicken Adobo. I have many different talents, but my most boring talent is that I'm a workaholic. I hope in the future my skills will bring our community together towards a world of knowledge and laughter for everyone on a wide spectrum of resources. I hope to get connected with all y'all soon to cultivate our roots together and grow into fantastic human beings.



What’s good y’all! My name is Perla Hernandez and I’m 1/3 of your media officers! I’m a third year Public Relations major, an Aries, and was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA!

I love hanging out with my line and getting boba (Breaktime is our go-to spot) and sports.

Being so far away from my home and family, Akbayan has become my home away from home. I hope that it can be the same for y’all.

If you ever see me around, feel free to say hi!

Follow my social media:

ig/twitter: hiitsperlaa




What's up cuties! My name is Brianne Badiola and I'm 1/3 of your media officers :) I'm a second year Advertising major, a Synergy Intern, and a part of Legendary fam #DBLine !! I'm an aries sun, pisces moon, and a capricorn rising--if you wanna exchange birth charts lmk :) I have 3 personality traits: 1) thrifting, 2) pupusas, and 3) more pupusas. I grew up and graduated from high school in Yokosuka, Japan so this is my first time in the Bay Area :o In high school I was pretty involved; I played tennis and was a part of student council, yearbook, the newspaper, and a lot more. My favorite artists are Aminé and Omar Apollo. My favorite drink is banana milk yum :p

Photography and graphic design have always been a big part of my life, starting with my dad, which is why my passion and drive have brought me here today. I'm excited to create content that will hopefully make y'all love Akbayan the way I do!! <3

Follow my socials :*

ig: badiolagram

twt: badioia



Sup, my name's Patricia Toledo, and I am one of this year's media officers! I am a third year Animation/Illustration major switching to Child Development, and I am originally from the true north, Canada! I am also part of Luzonia fam, and I was a Synergy intern. 

Instead of giving out fun facts, here are some boring facts about me: I can't sleep without socks, I have a birthmark on my knee that looks like a bruise, and when I sneeze, I sometimes sound like Pikachu. 

Looking forward to a great year!