Known as BROmotions, this board's goal is to connect new and existing members to AkbayanSJSU whether it be through direct interaction or through our social media. We're here to keep you involved, informed, and entertained.

Public Relations Officers focus on maintaining a direct line of contact between them and the general members so they know what's going on with the organization at all times.

Media Officers focus on producing visual content for our general members to keep them informed on important dates and events as well as providing entertainment throughout the year with videos.


Public Relations

What’s good! My name is actually a two-part first name being “Marco Jerick,” but I like to be called Jerick. The only ones who call me Jerick are my orthodontists. Anyway, I am ½ of your Public Relations Officers of the 2017-2018 academic school year! I’m an easy going person, so don’t be afraid to approach me. I love making conversation and getting to know ANYBODY and EVERYBODY. I try my best to make a friendly atmosphere, and I’ll try my best to get to know you! So, what do I like to do? Occasionally, I like to eat a lot just like anybody else. Some of my go-tos include In-N-Out, Sweet Corner, Happy Lemon, Cha Cha Sushi, etc. So, if you want to hang out, we have to get to these places first!! Occasionally, I love to play basketball. It’s my best stress reliever. Unfortunately, I’m pretty unfit with all the eating that I can hardly make it halfway up the stairs without breathing hard. If you see me around, feel free to stop me. I’m always open to a conversation! I am truly blessed to have earned this position on Cabinet, so I am excited to get to know you and positively contribute to your experience in Akbayan!


Public Relations

What’s up everybody my name is Junie Urbano and I am 1/2 of you Public Relations Officers for the 2017-2018 school year! My first name is actually Bernabe but I go by my nickname Junie because I think it's easier to say hahaha. I am a second year studying Business Administration with a concentration in HR Management. I am a Limitless intern and I am also in LoL Fam. I’m from the 707 Vallejo, CA, and you’ll always hear me rep my city. If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always down to talk.


One of my goals this year is to make sure you all are informed about everything going on in Akbayan, whether it’s through social media, making announcements, or just by talking with you around campus! I want to make sure you all have a fun and smooth experience in Akbayan, so don’t hesitate to get to know me or any of the cabinet members! See you around! - Junie



What's good everyone? I'm Nick Dineros, a bro of Bromotions, and one half of the Media Officer position. I'm a 3rd year computer engineering major from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm also a founder of Golden Fam. Find me on all the social media apps @NickDineros. With my 8+ years of video experience, my goal for this year is to produce the best videos that this org has ever seen and bring in as many new members to come to our org as possible. By the end of our term, the YouTube page is gonna be filled with A1 content that I hope you all will enjoy. Besides education and Akbayan you can find me dropping Tilted on Fortnite getting Victory Royales like it's nobody's business.



Hey what’s good world the name is Roijethro Demetria, but I’m better known as Jeth. I’m a 2nd year Civil Engineering major who likes photography and art. My Instagram and Snapchat is @Genericjet and my Twitter is @Genericjett, btw my DMs are open. I’m a Gemini, a member of Smash Fam, and a Limitless Intern (‘16-’17) who is now the 2017-2018 Media and Publications officer. My favorite color is hot pink and I enjoy good company, good music, and good vibes. I also really love playing video games with friends and long hikes in nature. My goal for this year in Media is to give back to the organization that has given so much to me. I want to create media that attracts new general members and encourages old members to become active once again. I want to create long-lasting videos and take photos that the general members enjoy. I really hope to meet everybody this year and I hope it’ll be a wonderful year overall!