The Programs Board comprises of the Internship Program, the Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program (KAAMP), and Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN).

The Internship Program educates general members through weekly meetings, activities, workshops, and hands-on opportunities to learn effective skills, ideals, and principles related to culture, community, and self in order to cultivate their leadership potential.

The Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program (KAAMP) connects general members together through Fams who provide positive guidance, a family environment, and mentorship in order to create long lasting friendships.

Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) is AkbayanSJSU's annual Spring production that inspires general members to dig deep into themselves and encourage creativity through the arts, foster leadership in the cast, and empower change within the community.



Internship Coordinator

Hey everyone! What's up? My name is Carl Cortez. I'm a 4th year Child and Adolescent Development Major with a Minor in Deaf Education, and I'm from San Jose, California. I'm a proud member of Gangsta Fam and last year, I served as Level 40's Cultural Chair. This year, I'm so excited and honored to serve VIBE 41 as the Internship Coordinator! In the past few years here, I was a General Member, a Supreme Intern ('15-'16), and Cultural Chair (Level 40, '16-'17) so I've pretty much done all the programs and attended a lot of major and minor Akbayan events. You could say I have a Minor in AkbayanSJSU, hahah! Anyway, I love hanging out with people, being with children, dancing, and just being myself (I like to think I'm hilarious). If you ever want to get to know me, you can find me almost always at the table or on social media! See you around!


KAAMP Coordinator

What's up everyone! My name is Joseph Ilos! I am a graduating senior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Advertising! I'm a 23 year old Capricorn who's pretty much down to do anything. I am from Salinas, California where I received my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts with an Art and Design Emphasis and later transferred to SJSU in Fall 2015. I'm probably one of the tallest Filipinos you'll see around San Jose at 6'3". In Akbayan, I am a proud member of Fancy Fam, a Supreme Intern during 2015-2016. I was able to be in last year's SPUF Core, COREchata, and last year's KAAMP Core, KAAMP Fire Core. I'm always down to meet new friends, so don't be afraid at all to say hi and introduce yourself! Feel free to see my life through pictures on my instagram - @joeratchet #KAAMPamilya1718


pcn coordinator

Hey all you people! My name is Dominique Guevara, but everyone knows me as Dom. I'm a 4th year Public Health Major. I'm from Daly City, CA. I love anime, quoting Spongebob episodes, puppies, and short walks on the beach because I have a bad knee. I joined Akbayan when I was a first year and landed in Legendary Fam. During my second year, I was honored to be part of the Supreme intern class. And in my third year, I was able to be part of Kawaii CoPo Core as well as Unspoken Word's Tender Lovin' Core. This year, I'm Akbayan's PCN Coordinator! It's so crazy to think about how much this org has done for me. The programs, the workshops, and the people I've meet have really helped mold me to the womyn I am today. I was once that awkward, shy girl who didn't talk much. Now I'm just awkward lol. But in all seriousness, I have come to realize that it was my time to give back to something that has given me so much. I'm really excited to share my passion for this org and to go on this journey with everyone!