Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of four positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. This board presides over the entirety of the cabinet and oversees day-to-day operations of the organization. Our focus as a board is to ensure our cabinet can provide our general members with the best experience possible.



Hello folks! My name is Daniel Lazo, and I am the President of Akbayan for 2017-2018. At SJSU, I am a graduating senior in the Advertising Creative route, minoring in Event Planning and Asian American Studies (I know— it's a mouthful. I don't know how they're going to squish it into my degree). In Akbayan, I have participated in a majority of the events and programs— Luzonia Fam in KAAMP, 2 years of S.P.U.F. in FG, 3 years of PCN, and the 2016-2018 Community & Political Affairs Chair. I am also an organizer for L.E.A.D Filipino, a local organization focused on "cultural programs, research, and initiatives focused on increasing Filipin@ representation in public and civic leadership across our neighborhoods and communities."


Besides being hella involved in my Pilipinx community, I'm born and raised in San Jose, and firmly express myself as a Pisces. When I'm away from school and Akbayan, I'm working at the City of San Jose in the Parks & Recreation Department (yes, it is very much like the television show). I absolutely love Pokémon— one of my favorites being Muk because of its beauty and toxic battle skills. Binging shows on Netflix and getting tattoos are my favorite hobbies. I am also a big foodie, so if you need recommendations for cheap and filling places in the Bay, DM me on Facebook or Twitter @dinomandaniel. Come vibe with me!


Vice President

Hey, whats, hello! It me, Jericho Lazo, your Vice President for 2017-2018. I am a 4th year Marketing major and hoping to one day be the next iconic Youtube vlogger or at least be some sort of creative influencer within the pop-culture community! 

I have been a member of Akbayan since the very beginning of my college career. I participated in all aspects that this wonderful organization had to offer; I was placed in Venture Fam, did 4 years of Friendship Games, participated in various workshops, 4 years of PCN, you name it and I probably was there! Besides being an active member, I was also part of the school's Frosh Orientation team for 2 years and was able to meet a lot of cool parents and students from around the world. It was a great experience and I encourage everyone to try to be a lil more active on campus, I swear it makes college much easier! 

Unlike my co, Daniel, I am an Aquarius and if you know anything about horoscopes, I beat to my own drum. I am an advocate for people being authentic and true to themselves, it just makes the world more interesting. I have interests ranging from style/fashion, drag culture, sewing, dancing, and horribly singing in the shower. I'm always down for an adventure and my curious mind gets me into some very interesting conversations. Feel free to get to know me! My IG is @spicyjerizo_ 




Hi everyone! My name is Marisa Ignacio and I am this year's treasurer. It's my fifth and final year here at San Jose State. I plan to graduate with a BS degree in business marketing this spring!


A little about me: I'm from the Monterey Bay Area and I am a second generation Filipina/Japanese-American. I joined this organization originally to meet new people and get closer to my heritage. I'm in Venture Fam and I was a part of the Dragon Intern Class (2014-2015) my second year. In 2015, I served as a Media and Publications Officer with Akbayan's 39th Cabinet, TYDE 39! Outside of Akbayan, I love spending time with family and seeing pretty places. I tend to smile a lot and I love lavendar-scented things. I have like five different nicknames and I am in constant need of iced coffee. If you see me around, say hi! I'm a quiet lil person, but I am friendly! Maybe we could talk about dogs or the fact that the ocean is the most beautiful thing ever. 


Anyways, I hope to see you around! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my position! As always, follow your heart, your brain, and make good choices! With Love, Maria. I mean Marisa.



Hello, everyone! My name is Benjamin Ryan ARR Perez (but most of ya'll might know me as Ben or Benji) and I am your Secretary for 2017-2018!

I am currently a Junior majoring in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Computer Electronics and Networking Technology with a minor in Business Management. I'm from San Francisco, CA but was raised in Daly City and the surrounding 650 area. My general interests include gaming, basketball, and listening to music.

My history with Akbayan extends all the way back to Fall 2015 when I first started my journey at San Jose State University. I joined KAAMP and was blessed with my Legendary family and my wonderful line. I was also a Supreme intern under my grand Kristine Fernandez where I began my leadership experience that same year. Out of everything, I'd say my favorite Akbayan memory would be getting picked up, because Legendary will always be a home away from home where I know I'll have nothing but love and support with my future endeavours.

Overall, my goal is to have a fun and successful year filled with exciting opportunities for both new and old general members. Don't hesitate to ask me anything and I hope I can bring my visions to life and break your expectations!

Follow me on social media, @benjayy_perez