Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of four positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. This board presides over the entirety of the cabinet and oversees day-to-day operations of the organization. Our focus as a board is to ensure our cabinet can provide our general members with the best experience possible.



Kumusta Akbayan! My name is Darren Olay and I am a 5th year Recreation major from the 707 (Vallejo, CA). My Akbayan involvement started as an ading in Marvel Fam to a Supreme Intern to VIBE 41’s Academics Chair to a proud kuya and grand of #styleline. A little bit about my interest: I love music (favorite music: island), food (favorite food: seafood), and boba (anything from tPumps really: not sponsored). It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the President for the 2019-2020 academic year and welcome you all to the Akbayan website, feel free to scroll around to meet your 43rd cabinet! See you around! Salamat and ingat// thank you and take care! 

Mahal// Love,

Darren Olay


Vice President

Hellooooo everybody! My name is Aaron-Josh Vietvu or just AJ for short! I am a 4th year digital media art major, Scorpio, and level 20+ Brawl Stars champion. I’m a proud member of Legendary fam and I was a media officer alongside my best friends Abby Adiz and Jion Penalosa. I am now the Vice President of another group of amazing people that I can’t wait to grow more with.




Hey there!
My name is Alisa Baccam and I am a 3rd year finance major from Moreno Valley, California. I am a proud Luzonian and I have two adorable adings, Andrew and Sydney. Perhaps I will have one more ading hatch soon! #AirLine. I was a Synergy Intern, Fam Rep for Luzonia Fam, and the head of Social Sciences in Akdemics Core. Some key things to know about me: Favorite food? Thai food. Typical boba order? Oolong milk tea with 50% sugar and less ice. Favorite anime? Hyouka. Best Pokemon starter? Bulbasaur. I have a strong passion for finance and I am excited for the fundraisers that we have planned as Channel 43. My goal as treasurer is to shine a brighter light on fundraisers as they too can allow our members to "Embrace in Friendship". Feel free to say hi to me anytime!

- Your 43rd Treasurer,
Alisa Baccam



What's good y'all?! My name is Cora Asuncion and I am the Secretary for this years cabinet, Channel 43. I am currently a second year Social Work major here at San Jose State. I was picked up into Legendary fam in Fall 2018 by my Kuya AJ Vietvu who is this years Vice President! I was also a part of the Synergy Internship Class for the 2018-2019 school year.

A little background for y'all... I grew up in Yokosuka, Japan and lived on the United States Naval Base for nine years. Shoutout to all my fellow military brats! Throughout my high school years I played basketball and ran track and also had involvement in Student Council and Keystone to name a few. Giving back to my community and lending a helping hand has always been two very important things to me. Lastly, I love to listen to throwback 90's and 2000's R&B and have deep conversations! My family and friends are my backbone, I don't know where I'd be without them. Big heart energy only, ya feel?

To top this all off, Akbayan has made my transition to San Jose State so much smoother and because of this organization I can genuinely call San Jose a new home for me. It might be scary at first but I can promise you that if you take that first step into the door with whatever it might be, you never know what could come out of it. I truly believe that there is a home within Akbayan for everyone. Always remember to have an open heart and mind!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, @corabelle13