Our fam 300 is known for our pineapple symbol and repping our fam with our 3-finger “shaka”. Once you get to know our 300, you’ll find that our diverse fam has fun in many different ways. We consist of many different lines which started off in 2007 by our founder, Mark Lazo. We have many different aspects that make us family - we love to provide each other mentorship and advice from our kuyates to our adings so that we can create bonds that last with one another. A few things that our fam loves to do is go on food adventures in the area of SJSU and all around San Jose, participating in Akbayan events/activities, and going to raves/concerts/events. We also have many different interests and activities that make our family feel like an actual family and makes each one of our members unique! Come join our family if you want to feel at home and welcomed!