Sweetheart Fam’s history is very different from all the families within Akbayan. The fam was originally founded as Random Fam in 2007 by Justin Tan aka “Kuya JT”. Kuya JT described the origin of the name as “it came from the fact that we were all so different, but we were still a family...we were about the fact we weren’t all similar”. Other Random Fam alumni would also describe how fit the name was for them by adding that there was no set family logo or color and that they were the “ragtag bunch” with a bunch of trolls/goofballs. Random Fam would also sneak into other fams’ pics to live up to the name. The most common mutual interests everyone had would be their love for anime, video games, streetwear, photography, and dancing. Random Fam’s hand sign was a capital “R” and their go to traditional hangout would be eating ramen together. At one point they were almost called “Ramen Fam”. From 2007 to 2015 Random Fam was at its prime being heavily involved within Akbayan. During those years fam members have held positions as President Internship Coordinator , CoPo, Social Chair, Media and Public Relations as well as their involvement as core members, interns, and doing FG/PCN. Random fam was big and were always a very spirited fam. Besides Akbayan, Random Fam members were involved in other communities within campus like dance and Greek life.

As time went on two Fam members felt like Random needed to rebrand themselves instead of completely branching off. The process was uncommon however in Fall 2016 Random Fam changed its name to Sweetheart Fam. Since the fam was known to be nice, outgoing, welcoming, close, and down to earth the name “Sweetheart” was thought to be more appealing to new adings. The fam branched into a lot of different personalities but continued to be always accepting and loving of others having. Within the past 3 years since renaming, Sweetheart Fam created new traditions of incorporating a roses as their fam theme and going to Pizza My Heart almost every reveal. Lastly Sweetheart fam’s principles are to stay sweet, support each other, and grow together as a family.