LoL Fam, Lots of Love, was established in 2007 by Joseph Pelina. We're a fam that is extremely friendly, and as our name suggest, full of love. Although we're not the biggest fam, we're tiny but mighty. We are full of energetic, bubbly, and silly members. We love to have fun and laugh until our stomachs hurt! 

Some members of our fam that have been on Cabinet include Bao Tran Ton (Media Officer on Level 40), Junie Urbano (Public Relations on Vibe 41/ Vice President on Flight 42), and Danielle Camegla (Public Relations on Flight 42).

By joining our family, we’ll help you let loose and enjoy life to the fullest! Every member of our fam is wonderful and welcoming, so don't be afraid to say hi if you see us! To see more of our vibrant personalities, check out our Instagram @akbynlolfam

Lots of Love,

LoL Fam