Back in 2007, Louie Almares who was an engineer created the XY Fam. He then picked up two engineer adings, and thus XY Fam started out as an Engineering Fam. The fam was not named until 2009 as “XY” based on the x-axis and y-axis of a graph paper. XY was a small fam until fall 2015, where it increasingly grew to a medium fam. XY Fam is now considered as one of the biggest fam in Akbayan which consists of more than 150 members. The fam consists of multiple lines that are very close to each other no matter what the size are. Some lines are huge and others are not but we all get along and bond in our own ways. Currently, XY Fam is a diverse fam where everyone has different majors, likes, and personalities.  

XY Fam is known for the slogan “Xy That’s Why.” The slogan was established because of its rhythm and how we can do stuff and the way we do them are simply “that’s why.” As a fam, we like to hang out as a bigger group to learn more about each other. Most of our members like to go to concerts and raves. As a way of a hangout, we majorly like to eat out and get boba. This way, we have time to talk and catch up with each other. Mingling with different people in our fam is our way of solving the problem of not knowing most of our family members in our fam. Everyone is outgoing and fun. Whenever we hang out, we always have the best time. As an XY, we always have each other's back as a family.