XY was established in 2007 by Louie Almares and his two adings. They originally created the XY as an engineering fam and the fam was named “XY” because of the X and Y axis on a graph and that we are always trying to find the slope of success!

Since then, XY has become more diverse and is one of the biggest fams in Akbayan with more than 150 members that all vary in majors and personalities. Because of this it will take time to meet everyone in the fam, but XY is very accepting and consists of multiple lines that are very close to each other. From our ravers to our business personas, all the lines vary in size and personalities. Though we have grown a lot, we still stay true to our roots. XY is a fam that works hard and parties hard, no matter what your version of “partying” may be, weather it’s going out to get food and boba, chillin and playing smash, or actually partying.

Our slogan is "XY that's Why" because that’s the rhythm we do things, with full of confidence and determination. Our fam stays unapologetically ourselves and will always have each other’s backs, so, when people ask why we do things the way we do “ XY that’s why.”