Named after the iconic Disney Channel animated series, Proud Fam was established back in 2015 by three legends: Samantha Nguyen, Brandon Do, and Christian Villanueva. We are a medium-sized fam, whose core values revolve around pride, passion, and most importantly, celebration of individual identity. The multiple personalities of Proud Fam range from the chillest of chill, to the bold and buckwild. It is this diversity, not only in spirit, but also in culture, interests, and experiences that makes our fam so exciting to be around.

Our mascot is the Lion because it is a creature that embodies not only tenacity and power, but also grace and tranquility. Above all else, the Lion symbolizes pride -- pride for oneself and pride for one’s family. In Proud Fam, we always stick together through thicc and thin, good times and bad times. We believe that tough love is real love and that growth and opportunity are always on the horizon. For this reason, our mantra is “Be proud of who you were, who you are, and who you will become.” Additionally, our official colors are Royal Blue and Gold as a representation for the pride we have for SJSU and the values it stands for. 

You can find our members scattered all across campus, whether it be at your local Akbayan fundraiser, a rush event hosted by your favorite fraternity/sorority, or just squabbling as a group at the 7-Eleven check-out counter. We are a family that works hard, plays hard, and loves hard.


  1. Make you scream

  2. Make you wanna sing

  3. Push your buttons

  4. Make you wanna hug us

Y’all know the rest ;)