Proud Fam was established in Fall 2015 by our three founding fathers Christian Villanueva, Brandon Do, and Samantha Nguyen from Manosca (Modern) fam. Our fam has continued to grow larger each semester since then. We are no longer one of the smallest fams. In fact, we are now considered medium sized. 

Each one of us brings something different to the table. We are filled with hyphy, hardworking, passionate, rowdy, loving and caring people. We all balance each other out in the best way. We all continue to learn from each other as we grow as a fam. Our mantra is “be proud of who you were, who you are & who you will become.” Pride is something we all have in common. We are all involved in different organizations around campus and we are all proud of where we are at. Our colors our royal blue and gold. These are also the colors of SJSU. This is to represent the pride we have for our school and organizations. Also, our logo is a lion because that is the proudest animal in the kingdom. 

We all enjoy hanging out and doing different things together. Something that always brings us together is food. Proud fam always loves getting together to eat or go on boba runs. We also just like to kick back at one of our houses and spend quality time together.