Luzonia is a loving, quirky, and creative group of leaders that was founded in 2011! Our mascot is the chicken and our fam color is maroon! We are known for having many leadership positions throughout Akbayan and being a "home away from home" for one another. 

Luzonia is based on the 2011 PCN directed by Jonathan Juntado - who eventually founded the fam. This PCN was based around the fictional country “Luzonia” whose name was inspired by Luzon, a real island in the Philippines. There was a component of the play that included cock fighting, which is why our mascot is the chicken. 

As a fam, we try our best to hangout at least once or twice a month! Some of our traditions consist of our annual Christmas party, going out to dinner, jam sessions, study dates, fam dates, cross-fam hangouts, an End of the Year Party and.. of course.. catch us at Akbayan events! There is almost at least one Luzonian at every event. We are a pretty active fam in the organization, so you are bound to meet many of us. Our fam is also active in other clubs/organizations at SJSU. Don't be afraid to say hi! Follow us on IG, YouTube, and Facebook @luzoniafam!

Let's be friends :-)