“Aloha” has many meanings in the Hawaiian language. Its most basic meanings are “hello” and “goodbye”. Aloha can also mean “take care” or “I love you.” The word expresses emotions and thoughts from one soul to another. 

Many speak about the “aloha spirit” -- the good they strive for in life, a way to treat people around you with kindness and compassion. Aloha Fam always welcomes our brothers and sisters with the aloha spirit, and there is no time or distance that will change that. We understand that we are all busy college students, and sometimes personal matters take us away from school for undetermined periods of time. But no matter what, Aloha Fam welcomes our members back with the same aloha spirit. However, the aloha spirit doesn’t stop with just our members; we are a home to anyone and everyone.

Aloha Fam was founded in 2018 by Elaine Nguyen, Liem Nguyen, and Zhenia Mendoza. We currently have 20 members as of now. Aloha may be Tiny, but we are also Mighty! 

“Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”