Aloha everyone!

Our family began Fall 2018 with 3 founders, Liem Nguyen, Zhenia Mendoza and Elaine Nguyen who came from very diverse backgrounds and majors. Even though our family is quite small, we are all unique individuals who have tons of love and acceptance to share.

Aloha has many meanings in the Hawaiian language, but in the simplest way, it is ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. In a more complex way, aloha can also mean ‘take care’ and ‘I love you’. It encompasses a word that expresses emotions and thoughts from one to another. It is a way to communicate a life force, as Hawaiians would say it, it’s a way to communicate their mana. Many speak about the aloha spirit which is the good they strive for in life and a way to treat people around you with love and care. Members might leave for a variety of reasons such as busy schedules or personal issues but nevertheless, we will always welcome them back with an ‘aloha’. Aloha fam is a place for not only our members, but members from other families to feel at home and to allow every member to be themselves and not to fit under a specific category.

“Ohana means family and family doesn’t get left behind.”