We are Smash Fam! Created back in 2006, our origin story started with a group of friends who bonded over video games like Super Smash Bros. Ever since then, our fam has grown from a small group of gamers to a large collective of individuals each with our own unique characteristics, interests, and passions. We even have some loving cousin fams that have branched off from us and begun their own amazing journey. Although our fam name is derived from a video game, our fam members can range from engineers, nurses, artists, musicians, rappers, DJs, doggo lovers, gym junkies, meme lords, and to the occasional Lumbaya and we are so much more than just “the gamer fam.” It is our passion for our interests and our unique differences that truly make our bonds. Some may say we Smash through the glass ceiling with our sure passion alone.

So Adings . . . what should you expect to see from Smash Fam? Well, we make a lot of noise, we have an amazing fam chant, we have so much love to give, and we bring a ton of fun energy. Prepare to have a SMASHing time with us, get ready to have your expectations SMASHed, and maybe we’ll eat some SMASHed potatoes along the way. Can’t wait to meet y’all this semester adings! <3

IG: SmashFam

FB: Smash Fam