Golden was founded in the Fall 17’ by Michael Nguyen, Nicholas Dineros, Jean Perez, and Armon Bakhtar. The Big Richards became close friends because they bonded during PCN 29: Unspoken Words. Our fam comes from mixed roots branching off of Modern/Manosca, Sexy, Gangsta, 300, and Venture. We are very diverse and we have members that are dancers, gamers, ravers, and so much more! The fam symbols are and our colors are white and gold.

We are a medium sized fam that is continuing to grow. You can find us at Akbayan workshops, tabling, Friendship Games, and PCN. During the workshops you can see us bunched up together hanging out and sometimes we grab a bite to eat afterwards. Golden means to be perfect, try, and true to yourself. We encourage everyone in our fam to be as involved as they can be so that we can continue to make unforgettable memories. 

Catch our fam being involved in Greek Life, ANG (Akbayan Next Generation), Social Core, and Roll Call/Modern/Manosca Directing. Fun fact: Our founder Michael Nguyen runs ANG! Last year we were awarded Fam of the Year by KAAMP because of our fast growing population and demonstrating the definition of Akbayan “Embracing in friendship.” If you have any questions or want to hang out with us feel free to reach out to our fam reps.

To be golden is to truly be yourself and that is when you can truly glow. Stay Golden!! 

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