Royal Fam was founded by our founding Kuya Kris in 2012. Initially, he joined KAAMP looking to become a part of an already established fam. Being one of the older Adings at the time, Kuya Kris was given an amazing opportunity to become an automatic Kuya and start a fam of his very own. Royalty was born when Kuya Kris picked up 12 Adings all on his own!

At first, we were mainly transfer, commuter, and older kids, however the fam became bigger and we welcome all incoming Adings and treat them like royalty. We want to provide a place of love where you feel comfortable & know that you belong. We know that being a college student can be a scary time, so we want you to feel like you have a place you could call home away from home. We want you to feel like the kings and queens that you are!