Established all the way back in 2003, Legendary has become one of the bigger families inside of Akbayan. The core mantra of the family, “Legends Do It Best”, help to exemplify the way Legends go about pursuing their passions. Throughout the family, Legends have a history of being involved, ranging from holding positions in Akbayan, as SJSU Orientation Leaders or in Greek Life. Legendary as a family also accentuates their affinity for the arts, communicating their love through traditional art, and other ways of expression, such as singing and dancing. As a family, Legends have the spirit and determination to pursue their own passions, always pushing themselves to Do Their Best.

Fun Facts:

- Legendary was one of the original families for the KAAMP program! (Old!)
- Legendary has held 22 positions over the last 17 consecutive years! (cr: @omnommikerz / March 14, 2018) 
- Empire in the Air, a local San Jose clothing brand, was started by Legendary’s very own Francesca Montero! (Clean!)