Established in 2003 and as one of the original families in Akbayan, Legendary was founded by the great Allen Archibal and Ted Miranda. Today, we are growing to be one of the biggest families within KAAMP. Our members are known for being extremely involved on and off campus, whether it be: holding board positions in Akbayan, working as Orientation Leaders, partaking in Greek life, becoming entrepreneurs, balancing work and school, and even all of the above! With all of this, you’ll still find Legends traveling the world, performing our hearts out, and climbing our way to the top.

Not only are we renowned for legendary involvement within our communities, we are also known for our love for our cultures, arts, and doing everything & anything, to the best of our abilities. This spirit, passion, and determination birthed our family and core mantra, “Legends Do It Best!”. Our signature logo, bright blue diamonds, represents our diamond-in-the-rough perseverance. Shining bright like no other, we stand by our colors of bright blue and white. Catch us throwing up our hand sign of an L using our right hand, L for Legendary!

We are proud to announce that this year, we have four of our very own Legends on our 43rd Cabinet! Cora Asuncion as our Secretary, Brianne Badiola as our Media Officer, Kathrine Garcia as our Internship Coordinator, and AJ Vietvu as our Vice President.

Come say hi to our Legends on Cabinet, our fam reps Keilani Sayos and Melanie Ann Sison, and the rest of our “work hard, play hard” family members. You can always find us all over campus, at the Akbayan table, going out for Taco Tuesdays, or at any event in the area!

Did you know?

Legendary has held 24 board positions in Akbayan over the last eighteen consecutive years! (credits: @omnommikerz / May 11, 2019) 

Empire in the Air, a local San Jose clothing brand, was started by Legendary’s very own Francesca Montero!